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Villa Verdi is in Dalyan, and Dalyan is located in between Marmaris and Fethiye two of the most popular beach towns in Turkey. Villa Verdi 300 m from King's Tombs, one kilometer from Caunos antique city, and a short distance to Turtle Beach by boat or car. Free WiFi, periodical or upon request cleaning, and a concierge service is a standard. Outdoor cooking facilities by the pool, BBQ or the bar/restaurant is available for our guests' use.

Welcome to Paradise

Dalyan has the largest protected land in Turkey and Europe. It protects the 3,000 plus years of historical remnants, kings' tombs, and loggerhead turtle nesting grounds, an unmatched ecologically sensitive natural beauty. With its lakes, canals and beaches, this town is considered a natural wonder where the mountains, lakes, hot springs, and a river unite with the sea and the finest sand. The beautiful shades of green boasts from reeds to olive to liquid amber to pine forests, and shades of blue wrapping the lakes, canals, and beaches that fascinate every visitor. Due to its' geographical settings, all outdoor activities are nearby. Dalyan is a sanctuary for the wild sea-life. It is a temporary home to blue crabs, Caretta-Carettas, (loggerhead turtles), migratory birds, and an oxygen tank for us considering its vast land of opulent forests.


Choose from fully furnished, each with living rooms and full kitchens, two balkonies with a variety of sizes and styles. We offer eight 2 br, 1 bath, and four 1 br, 1 bath apartments ranging from 50 to 60 square meters (550 to 660 SQFT).

5 Star Hospitality

5 Star Hospitality that is tipped off with amazing views, fantastic and friendly staff, and beautiful views. Staff is waiting for their way to help you!

Dalyan Boat Tours

Enjoy a full day of boat or safari tours of Dalyan. Take a public boat to Turtle Beach (Iztuzu Plajl) and swim with the turtles at any time of the day except at night hours. The beach is closed from sunset to sunrise for the turtles to rest and nest. The daily tours take you by the rock-cut Lycian Tombs, the last resting place of the Kings of Kaunos, to the beach, a small island, hot springs, mud baths, and the antique city.

Bar & Restaurant

You can enjoy yourself at bar&restaurant of the hotel in addition to your private kitchen in your apartment. Enjoy our pool activities, music, and folk dance sessions.

Our stay was amazing. We will be returning again.
Amy Johnson

5 reasons to choose Villa Verdi

Location, location, location! Great facilities for group travellers The staff speak English Feeling like at your home Reasonable fees that won't break the bank

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